What Happens In Fight Club…

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Non Sequitur: Brontesaurus

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Found this over on Pub Rants – ROTFLMAO!!

I so want these action figures!

Multiple Personality Disorder

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far–

Wait! Wrong story. Oops.

Hi there! One of the best things about being a writer is making up names for the people who inhabit your brain space. Ok, sometimes that’s the worst thing about being a writer… but go with me on this. So two weeks ago (give or take) when I embarked on my latest opus I played another round of the name game – only this time for myself. My opus peeps? Already set up, don’t you worry.

It’s always been my intention that when I publish it will be under a nom de plume and one of the best games ever is Rename That Writer! And so here I am, all sparkly and new – you can call me Abby. I’ll still be posting random LOLcats and other oddities under my former identity, but the plan is currently to focus all things writerly here.

I hope ya’ll come back real soon.